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Some definitions may be useful at this point.

A claim to a particular culture, with all that entails. Anthony P. Cohen, "Culture as Identity" .
Viewing one's own race, culture, tribe as superior to all others. Everyone does this.
A standardized mental picture held in common by members of a group and representing an oversimplified opinion, affective attitude or uncritical judgement. Any in-group looking at an out-group. Comes from printing. The technique of repeating images from a mold. People or groups are seen as objects, a lump, all alike.
A state of mind, a set of negative attitudes held by one person or group about another. Prejudice tends to cast the other in an inferior light despite the absence of legitimate evidence. Literally, to pre-judge.
Power plus prejudice.
Cross-cultural marriages:
Marriage between individuals of different ethnicities. Intermarriage and exogamy discussed. Christine Hart, "The Structure of Ethnicity."
Intermarriage and assimilation discussed. Richard, Madeline A. Ethnic Groups and Marital Choices.
Discussion of the assimilation process from Richard, Madeline A. Ethnic Groups and Marital Choices.
The mixing of two ethnic groups, forming a third ethnicity.

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